Home Spa

It really is possible to treat yourself to a Home Spa.  Set the scene with carefully placed candles, their scent depending on whether you are hoping to relax before bed, maybe you want revived with a pick me up treatment or you are detoxing or want a romantic feel.  Here are some of my ideas of candles or wax melt options from the Busy Bee range:

Relaxing – Chamomile Comfort, Snuggles, Lavender Pillow, Sweet Dreams, Vanilla Dream

Revive – Mandarin Zest, Orange & Clove, Peppermint Kisses, Revive, Vapour Rub

Detoxing – Basil Mint Sage, Cucumber Melon, Green Tea & Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena,  Sea Spa

Romance – Angel, Capri, Champagne & Roses, Love Spell, Seduction, Total Diva

With the ambiance set you need to run your bath, at whatever temperature you prefer and either drop in your choice of Bath Bomb and watch it explode with fragrance and skin treating goodness or add a decadent Bath Potion as your treat of choice:

Relaxing – Bath Bomb – Lavender & Seeds or Total Unwind Potion

Revive – Bath Bomb – Tangerine and Grapefruit or Wake Up Potion

Detoxing – Bath Bomb – Peppermint & Tea Tree or Total Detox Potion

Romance – Bath Bomb –  Rose and Petals or the Rescue Potion

Relax and enjoy the skin softening goodness and beautiful fragrance. Have a bath pillow (or rolled up towel),  glass of wine, cup of tea or green tea if you wish to detox and maybe some background music.  

Choose a Health Spa soap slice to treat your skin and as a special treat for your hair use a Solid Shampoo from our Bath and Body range to complement your hair type.

When you are ready get out and wrap yourself in a pre-warmed fluffy white towel.  This is something you should treat yourself to, as any old bath towel would just spoil the sensation at this point.  Moisturise your skin while damp and then (another treat) put on a fluffy bath robe and you’re done!

Enjoy choosing your own personal spa treat!