Room & Linen Freshener Spray


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Made with a selection of our super strong fragrance oils, these handy air and linen fresheners have a multitude of uses. Just a couple of sprays will have the gorgeous fragrance filling your room for hours.

Try Busy Bee Candles Room & Linen Freshener spray on soft furnishings, bedding, clothes or even in your car. The number of uses is practically endless. Our favourite use besides as a general air freshener, is our beautiful Lavender Mint Room & Linen Freshener sprayed onto bedding. It’s like snuggling into a freshly made bed every day!

Offered in a 100ml bottle size, each bottle will provide approximately 700 full sprays. As you can see, they are super value for money. Try these and you’ll never buy an aerosol spray again. No propellants, no harmful Paraben. Just wonderful fragrance you can use everywhere!

Each 100ml bottle contains approx. 700 sprays


Afternoon tea, Angel, Apple Orchard, Apriccot Lush, April Showers, Aqua, Autumn splendour, Baby Powder, Bara Brith, Bazaar Orange, Beach bum, Bite me, Blood orange, Butterfly hugs, Capri, Carrot cake, Christmas orange, Christmas spice, Coco mango, Coconut breeze, Country life, Elf crazy, Frozen forest, Fruit cocktail, Ginger Christmas, Grape bubbles, Harvest moon, Honeysuckle and Jasmine, Jack frost, Lavender mint, Lavender pillow, Love spell, Mandarin zest, Orange pop, Pineapple spice, Pink lemonade, Rose petals, Sea spa, Sexy as sin, Snow angel, Snuggles, Sun kissed raspberry, Twilight, Vanilla dream, Vapour rub, Welsh daffodils,

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